beauty: philosophy purity

If you're a skincare junkie or beauty enthusiast, the skincare brand Philosophy is no stranger to you. this brand has been around for a long time and is a cult favourite. I got my first purity cleanser a few years ago at an event and was pleasantly surprised at how gentle it was on my dry skin. the simple sleek packaging also blends in very well with my bathroom colours so I appreciate that too :) aside from the cleanser, this is my first time using the other products they sent over, along with this super cute skincare fridge. 

What's inside:
purity made simple cleanser
purity made simple eye
purity made simple moisturizer
purity made simple essence
purity made simple micellar water

my first impressions of these products is that they carry a common theme which is gentle and non-irritating. the two that stood out to me the most were the moisturizer and eye cream.
the moisturizer is light enough to use in the summer months even with the humidity making it feel like 35-40 degrees lately but moisturizing enough to keep skin feeling hydrated and ready for makeup application without primer. 
the eye cream has a firm tofu-like (lol) texture and bounce, and a little goes a long way! it's suitable for daytime application and allows me to skip the extra step of primer when I'm applying undereye concealer.

What philosophy products are your favourite? comment below!