a slice of summer

hi world. happy 4 months to me and my new condo :) it's been a hectic journey so far and I've never had a year full of changes more than this one. All good changes though. Living by the harbourfront and near the beaches is sooo therapeutic and something I didn't know I needed in my life lol

with summer coming to an end soon and work from home still in full effect, I've been taking all the opportunities I have to hit the beach. often times I'll go and hang out with Molly or go and read a book, or drink and catch up with friends. The thing about being single that no one talks about, is how comfortable you get with being alone, to the point you don't almost even want to be in a relationship ever again lol

Anyways, I've been buying a ton of clothes and furniture items that I'll be posting about later on but the first one I’ve been obsessing over is this new bikini from SheIn - haven't shopped here in a while but I loved this print and it was extremely affordable. Bonus that it came with a matching skirt wrap and it was $13CAD total!

Thanks for reading x