new year, more clothes, moving out, better version of me

hi. did you miss me? do people still read blogs in 2021? I literally just googled that question because I don't know, the social media trends are always changing and with covid interrupting regular life, so does the platforms and 'influencer' trends and the dynamic between brands and bloggers. I usually don't write personal things on here but I'm feeling mellow and introspective tonight so here goes. By the way, the answer to those first two questions are yes and yes. 

I've been MIA from the blog for almost all of 2020 due to a few reasons. Obviously 1) was covid which didn't do much for my creativity flow and 2), ending a 5 year relationship and then jumping into a toxic ass entanglement (lol) with someone from my past who really should've just stayed in my past. But you know what they say - when you hit rock bottom, it's only up from there.

So fast forwarding to 2021...we're not doing any of that anymore. We're glowing up, we're putting self care first, we're seeing a therapist to work on the inner child trauma and we're upgrading all parts of our lives. WHICH brings me to the most exciting part...there's gonna be new content on the blog because a) your girl started her own little side business as a nail esthetician b) manifested a better corporate day job and c) we're moving downtown! I am officially a homeowner and soooo excited for what's to come.

OK...back to our regular scheduled content...As most of you are probably doing, I've been buying a lot of unnecessary things online out of boredom but also just seeing a lot of good sales so I decided it was a good time to swap out my mackage for a rudsak down jacket that I always wanted. The black fur feels a bit less common than the brown fur and matches the rest of my clothes better for a more seamless, unified look. This coat is so cozy and puffy I could sleep in it like a sleeping bag if I had to lol 

Coat: Rudsak
Gloves: Danier 
Tights: Uniqlo 
Boots: Uggs