february book club

adding on to this theme of wellness and self-care....if you read my last post, I briefly touched on how I started seeing a therapist last summer. one of the 'homework' items she gave me was to read this book called 'reinventing your life'. its highly rated on amazon and said to be unlike all the other self help books that tell you to just exercise and drink water lol it goes into much greater depth on the different lifetraps/schemas and what to do to actually help rewire your brain and thought patterns. I finished this a few weeks ago and highly recommend! 

I'm probably a bit late to "A New Earth" but a few of my girl friends recommended this to me and it was also in Oprah's book club (I love Oprah lol) so I decided to buy this one too! I haven't read much yet but just thought I'd share since a lot of people love it. 
Flowers on the Moon was a gift from one of my best friends for Christmas and I already know this will be one of my favourites for life. It is a book of poetry and short quotes on life, heartbreak and love. These aren't the usual cheesy quotes you see on Pinterest over and over again. Every page I've read is refreshing and different but relatable. 
I got a massage last week from a different RMT than the one I'm used to going to, and this was one of the only therapists that really listened to my concerns and adjusted his technique to address my issues - listening is a skill most people don't have so I really appreciated it :) I also picked up a copy of his book that I highly recommend to anyone interested in improving their overall health with the three pillars of nutrition, exercise and therapy. It would be especially beneficial for those who have ever experienced injuries or chronic stiffness, to check out this book where it discusses something called "The Free Energy Technique". I found it to be an easy, informative and insightful read with recipes, success stories, definitions, explanations and the facts and calculations to back it all up. check out their ig @arayahealth for more info. 

If you guys have any questions on any of the books, send 'em my way :)  happy to help x