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Sunday, May 12, 2019

self care has never had a bigger spotlight than in 2019. every topic, article and girl boss is talking about self care. what defines self care varies from me to you but generally we think of something relaxing and/or good for the body, soul and mind right? whatever your vibe, here's some things that can elevate your #selfcaresunday! 

1) soak in a bath tub or treat yourself to a loooong shower (the ones where you shave everything and exfoliate everything and feel like a magical unicorn after!) these adorable handmade soaps, lotions and bath bombs from gifts a bliss are so up my alley! they make for great gifts or just to treat yourself. my favourites were the bath bombs, body butter and grapefruit scrub. It didn't strip my skin of its moisture but also wasn't greasy feeling, just the right balance (no those are not microbeads - those are grapefruit seeds! infused with shea butter, vitamin e and beeswax). I also love a good exfoliating body wash to wash away the day and feel more "new" and this one contains real lava bits from france!
2) take care of a plant. according to a study published in the journal of physiological anthropology, active interaction with indoor plants (like touching and smelling) can reduce physiological and psychological stress ( I dont know what it is, but looking at my plants and caring for them is so soothing and fulfilling! It helps clear my headspace and forces me to stay present in the moment. we all know mental health is a major component of self care (or the biggest component imo), so I think turning off the phone and being present is really important. not only that, it makes your space feel more cozy and put together and it can be a fun project to take on! let the creative juices flow :) 
3) drink good. mushroom lattes have been become a big thing this year and I really love these mixes from four sigmatic (chai latte mix, matcha latte mix, turmeric "golden" latte mix). the matcha mix combines superfood moringa, coconut milk, a bit of stevia, and maitake mushrooms which may help support blood sugar balance and digestion. it does contain caffeine so I opt for this 1-2x a week in lieu of my grande blonde at starbucks. the chai latte mix is caffeine free, dairy free with turkey tail mushroom. Turkey tail is one of the best mushrooms for the gut, and, when paired with soothing reishi and carminative spices like cinnamon and ginger, creates a calming blend to support occasional stress and full body well-being. if you are a chai lover like me, you'll love this! the golden latte mix is caffeine free and dariy free and combines shiitake and mushrooms, turmeric and ginger to support beauty from inside out. shiitake is said to help support skin health and appearance so if you're looking to skip the makeup aisle more often, try this out! 
4) eat good. we're told to eat clean 80% of the time and have cheat meals 20% of the time but when life gets in the way, its hard to stay committed especially when junk food just tastes so much better! lol when things start to derail, don't beat yourself up over it. have a crappy week of eating, feel through your shitty feelings then pick yourself up and try again the following week. every so often, I like to splurge on expensive dinners and experiences because I want to and I don't need to feel bad about enjoying it! I was at this omakase a few weeks ago and noticed a girl came to eat alone. nothing wrong with it, but this is usually a very social setting that couples and friends come to, so I was surprised to see someone come solo. but I realized hey, why not treat yourself? if it makes you happy, why wait? :)

hope you enjoyed this article :) x  

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