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Monday, May 20, 2019

UK brand, The Inkey List has landed in Canadian stores! Currently selling at Shoppers Drug Mart with so much hype surrounding its affordable yet effective products, I was super excited to have the chance to test a few out. I love that they are accessible by many (nothing over $15!) and also love the simple sleek packaging - if I ever want to do a shelfie, these guys will definitely make an appearance ;) 

My daily skincare routine with these worked in the following order:

AM -
1) Salicylic Acid Cleanser (or just water sometimes)
2) Hyaluronic Acid
3) Squalane

PM - 
1) Salicylic Acid Cleanser
2) Gycolic Acid Toner
3) Beta Hydroxy Acid 
4) Squalane

Weekly - Kaolin Clay Mask 
Every 3 days - Vitamin C Serum (evening)

Step one! the salicylic acid cleanser contains 2% salicylic acid that helps to unclog pores and exfoliate. It is ideal for normal to oily skin types. It also contains zinc which helps to reduce excess oil. As someone who has tested many, many products with salicylic acid for acne prone skin and hormonal acne, I honestly find most of them don't make a big difference with prevention and treatment. I think if you have very mild acne spots and only occasionally, this will work but I can't say that it changed much for me long term.  
the hyaluronic acid serum contains 2% pure HA, and is ideal for all skin types. It is used to hydrate the skin, reduce fine lines and reduce wrinkles. Another ingredient in this serum is Matrixyl 3000 which supposedly helps to boost collagen production and can be found in alot of anti-aging products. Apply a pea sized amount post-cleansing and follow with your regular moisturizer. I love the light weight feeling of this serum and that added layer of hydration to really soften my skin. It felt plump and bouncy and I found this to be one of the more effective products with noticeable results. this also made makeup application smoother.
I was also a big fan of the squalane - a hydrating, non-comedogenic oil that is 100% plant-based. It does feel a bit greasy and doesn't get absorbed fully (there was definitely a bit of pillow transfer) so I don't recommend wearing it daytime since you'll look like a greaseball but its fine for overnight. It claims to regulate oil production which I think it did actually help with a bit. I noticed in the daytime, my skin did not get as oily as it normally would. I can see this working well for people with both dry and/or oily skin!
the two that I found little to no noticeable results with was the glycolic acid toner and the beta hydroxy acid. the toner itself I found improved my skin texture slightly but did not notice much with the latter product. I was disappointed especially after reading so many good reviews on these, so I'm tempted to be a bit more patient with these two and work with them longer. maybe my review will change! let me come back to this in a month or two. 
I have a few vitamin c serums from alot of different brands in my washroom currently, and theyre in all different forms too randomly lol - powder, serum, cream, oil, sheet mask, toner, wipes and exfoliator. I do find they help with lightening pigmentation and scaring but it takes a while for noticeable results so currently, I can't say I've noticed anything. 
same goes for the kaolin clay. kaolin is a soft white clay used for removing excess oil and drawing out impurities. when it comes to mud/clay masks, I like something with more grit (I dont know why but when its harsher or has more grit, I feel like its doing more work? maybe that's just me? lol). I applied this for 20 minutes all-over but I don't feel like it did anything. Temporarily helped with excess oil but meh. I can see this working well for someone who has really sensitive skin though since this is so gentle. Also wanted to point out it has a slightly odd smell to it LOL hmmm..

What do you guys think of this brand? Any favourites that are not listed above? x

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