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Sunday, April 07, 2019

We're finally seeing the last bit of cold, but is anyone else out there suffering with dry scalp like me?? Dry scalp/dandruff can be caused by so many things so it's hard to pinpoint exactly why you're getting it. Stress? Bad diet? (Probably both for me tbh lol)

Ironically around the past few months I luckily ended up getting a few PR samples of shampoos for dry scalp and I also picked up some handy DIY solutions to ease the symptoms, so I've been testing them out for the entire winter season to find what works or doesn't

I used this once a week for 3 weeks as directed on the box, but didn't notice a big difference. It felt like it was really thoroughly cleaning my hair but unfortunately the results were pretty temporary. 
The Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo 
This is my most recent shampoo purchase and I'm actually really enjoying this one so far. I felt like my scalp was less dry and flaky even after just one use. Also normally after a long day, my hair feels oily and heavy but when I use this shampoo, I notice it feels clean and light for much longer. The ginger scent isn't too heavy either. You can purchase on Amazon or in store at The Body Shop.

Head and Shoulders
This one is a classic that everyone uses or thinks of when they think of dandruff, thanks to marketing and catchy commercials. I used this daily for 2 weeks and again, didn't find much of a difference lol 

Dove Dermacare Scalp + Clean
I havent used much Dove shampoo and conditioners yet so I was excited to find this one that's geared towards taking care of the scalp! I used this daily for 2 weeks but didn't notice a difference honestly so I can't say that I recommend it. I loved the scent of the shampoo and conditioner though.

Now for the DIY solutions that you can do at home that are cheap and quick:

Apple Cider Vinegar
I mixed apple cider vinegar with water (1:1 ratio) and massaged it into my scalp for 10 minutes before washing out with shampoo and conditioner and overall this seemed to help if I did it once a week. Only obvious downside to this is that the vinegar smell is strong AF and lingers for like days lol 

Lemon Juice
I squeezed probably two small lemon wedges worth of lemon juice onto my scalp and massaged it in for 10 minutes before washing out. Like the apple cider vinegar solution, this one seemed to help if I did it once a week. And lemon juice has a much more pleasant scent :) It didnt get rid of the dry itchy scalp problem entirely but it kept symptoms at bay and was the most effective of all the solutions I've found. Even better is that its natural, simple and inexpensive! 

Neem Powder
I purchased this Neem Powder on Amazon but I think you can find it in most South Asian supermarkets if you live near one. I heard that this was effective at eliminating dandruff in a more 'natural' way but my first experience with this wasnt good. Its messy and too much of a hassle to mix and apply each time I wanted to use it. You can use it in different forms like oil, leaves or capsules which I would recommend over powder form. 

Share some of your own remedies in the comments below! Thanks for reading x

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