I took my brain to the gym (yes, brain gyms are a real thing)

Sunday, January 27, 2019

happy sunday! so over the last 3 weeks, I've been checking in to meditation classes at a place called mindset brain gym in toronto. what they offer are guided meditation classes, independent meditation sessions,  an art gallery for curious eyes, a library of self help/mental health books, and kombucha on tap. I love that in between work or after work, I had somewhere quiet in the city to escape to, where my brain could settle down and I could gather my thoughts. I also loved the selection of books and magazines available for reading because they offered so much insight and encouraging positivity. the vibe and atmosphere here was super chill. 
I've never been the type to meditate but always wanted to try it out. I think the idea of being alone with your own thoughts is scary to a lot of people, including myself but I found this experience to be interesting, fun and nourishing to the mind and body. I went 2-3x a week for 3 weeks usually to guided group classes but also tried the stillness rooms twice. those are a bit more challenging, so I did find the group ones easier to stay alert in and focus. I always came and left this place feeling peaceful and calm even during a stressful work day. it forces you to really take time out to let your brain unwind and to show yourself some love. I'm going to try and continue these practices on my own :) I wasn't sure if I would feel any different after these 3 weeks but I do feel like it has helped me be more calm and helped me to choose my thoughts more carefully and mindfully. I've had depression when I was younger and still deal with anxiety here and there like most people do, and I think this has helped alot with that. 

loved this little lounge area. all the magazines were great reads as well as the books on the book shelf (pictured below)
*photo c/o of mindset brain gym
another cute little lounge area to chill, drink kombucha, or snap a photo for instagram ;)
stillness rooms - you can book these for 25 minute sessions where you are given a bose noise cancelling headset and you get to meditate solo. 
guided group meditation rooms. this room was so comforting and inviting, and the teachers were all very nice and made my experience pleasant.
*photos c/o of mindset brain gym. they offer kombucha on tap as well as tea bags and water.
loved the entire art gallery downstairs. these are two of the ones I liked most because of their positive messages and go-getter attitude. 

have you ever tried meditating or would you? drop a line or DM me :) tooodles

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