Outfit: Linen Crops

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Lately I find myself perusing the clothing racks at Winners Runway and Saks Off 5th more than ever and I'm not sure why?? Normally I never have the patience but I guess good weather = good mood (or Im just reaalllly bored with life) 

I've been really bad at updating my blog lately but I have sooo many new and cute things to shoot with that I'm gonna try and update more these next few weeks. I found 2 really cute tops at Winners Runway and another cute top at Saks Off 5th (saving for another blog post) that I've been wearing to death ever since.  

So first top I bought is this one here. How pretty and dainty is this! I feel like this is so easy to dress down and dress up and you can pair it with denim / dress pants / skirt so easily. It's a linen cotton blend that is very breathable and lightweight so I never feel like I'm suffocating under it in this heat.

Denim: Levis
Shoes: Target
Bag: Forever 21

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