5 must eats in LA

Today I bring you 5 of my recommended must eats when visiting LA. I have been a few times now and had my share of really good food and really mediocre food there so I wanted to bring you the best of all my experiences combined :) These are in no particular order. Bon appetit! 
Eggslut, Grand Central Market (DTLA) - the best breakfast sandwich I've ever had. And very much worth the 40 minute wait lol yes its a long wait. but if you're in a hurry or just don't want to deal with the crowd, there are plenty of other awesome food stalls in the same market! And on that note, Grand Central Market is a great place to checkout for a variety of good eats all in one spot. It gets busy quickly so be sure to head down early. It's a mixture of indoor/outdoor seating and is nice spot to people watch and just enjoy the bustling downtown area :) there's also a Blue Bottle cafe conveniently across the street (all my friends and I jumped at the chance to grab a coffee here since we don't have them in Toronto!) 
Grand Central Market (DTLA) 
Leo's Taco Truck - as you guessed by the name, because this is a food truck, it never stays in one spot. you'll have to check their site for where they're headed next if you want to catch them, but is was so worth it! We staked out the parking lot they were supposed to be in for the day (got a little lost on the way) and waited maybe 20-25 minutes for them to show up. They were late, but we ended up being first in line and got our tacos pretty quickly. They were inexpensive and sooo full of flavour! They were also really filling and freshly made which made everything worth the wait. Luckily we showed up on time too, because there was a handful of customers lined up behind us shortly after they opened! 
Salju Dessert (Alhambra)
I sort of stumbled on this asian dessert place, not really expecting or looking for anything but I'm glad I did. LA is freakin hot all the time and it's easy to succumb to a heatstroke (literally did once on sunset strip and it sucked lol) so it's always a good idea to cool off with shaved ice. I remember having this a few years ago, way before the shaved ice trend was even a thing so I feel like these guys really trailblazed this one in LA. They have a ton of flavours (vietnamese coffee, taro, black sesame, matcha, durian, etc) and even more toppings to go with it. 

Genwa BBQ (2 locations: Beverly Hills, Parklabrea) - They have the most extravagant banchan layout I've ever experienced outside of Korea and its just REALLY GOOD!! I've been twice and both times never failed to satisfy. Service is pretty up there as well. They are quick, attentive and friendly but we never felt like we were being rushed to order and get out. 
Urth Caffe (several locations; Santa Monica, West Hollywood, etc) - this is a must try for brunch! The wait times can be long though and they don't take reservations so be weary of that. But good thing is because there's so many locations, you can easily check out another one if the wait is too long. The food is simple and inexpensive and you get a pretty decent portion of food. Although it may look like just another brunch spread, there's something about it that sets it apart from the rest.

Love you LA!! Until next time