Outfit: Secret Garden

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

I love finding new places to shoot outfits in, that are not so commonly seen on Instagram. One area I was wandering around in last week was Midtown nearby where I work. I don't explore the area much because it reminds me of work and I usually just wanna get out of there, but it's actually such a beautiful area that I don't give enough credit to. I love this little hideaway garden and building and the sunlight was working in my favour so I decided to stop and snap some pics :) 

lol my mom hates this dress and says it looks like pajamas but I LOVE stripes and love the colours on this! It's so playful and fun for summer and vacations. Also I hate wearing pants so I'm all for throwing on a dress and being ready instantly. That's one less clothing item I have to decide on in the morning, am I right? ;) 
Also - another short person problem - vertical stripes make you look taller so that's another bonus

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