Matrix #SoColourCult Launch Event

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

3 weeks ago I attended Matrix Canada's So Colour Cult launch event at The Spoke Club where guests were treated to food and drink, and the chance to get their own hair extensions! I miss my long hair so much and regret cutting it so having the chance to play with extensions was FUN!! Guests also got the chance to learn more about the products, mingle and take a fun quiz to find that perfect colour. I never tried their hair dyes or styling products before but I got a few in my goody bag on the way out so I'm excited to put them to the test! I love their shampoo/conditioners so I'm sure their styling products won't fall short of my expectations :) 
Now available in salons, this collection has every vibrant colour of the rainbow to pastels and gray/dusty hues. I always wanted pink hair but am too lazy to commit to the maintenance of it so this was the perfect half-committed opportunity for me lol 
Thank you Matrix for having us! 

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