Beauty: What is Dermaplanning?

Thursday, March 22, 2018

So I'm trying to make a better effort at updating my blog this week because I got to do some cool things over the weekend that I wanted to share. One of those things is a little non-invasive procedure called dermaplanning. I only learned what this was a few weeks ago but after reading about it, I guess I've heard about it before (sort of). I had first heard of this trend among Japanese girls buying tiny razor blades to remove peach fuzz for better makeup application and to get rid of that gray cast that light hairs can leave on the skin. I didn't know what this procedure was formally called and that it was a professional service actually provided by estheticians but it sure is!! The fine blade gets really close to the skin and removes peach fuzz and dry skin to reveal softer, smoother and brighter skin. It's less invasive than a microdermabrasion and there's little to no downtime required afterwards. Yup that's right - you can apply makeup back on right after!

I was a little nervous at first because thinking of a blade going over my face was scary!! What if I got cut or bled?? I had my procedure done by Melanie from Arched and Fleeked who was super friendly and informative, answering any questions I had. This made me feel a lot more relaxed going into it. She started by removing my makeup and asking me where my most concerning areas were. Then she applied a face mask for about 15 minutes (this is a really nice added touch!), washed it off, put on a light moisturizer, and began the procedure! It went so smoothly that I almost fell asleep about 4-5x lol the whole thing took about 40-45 minutes and I left with baby-soft skin, free of peach fuzz! It's SO satisfying to see the fuzzies on the tissue after too LOL 
It's been 2 days since and I've found that I have less dry patches of skin when I apply makeup. My skin also appears brighter now that there's no gray cast. I think this is a beauty procedure that I will continue or trying out myself at home. 

Thanks so much, Melanie!!
Would you guys ever try dermaplanning? Drop a line below! x 

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