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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Last week I was lucky enough to hang with Mr. Dave Lackie, editor and beauty on-air expert for Cityline, at an intimate cocktail party in the newly opened Fūme Scent Lounge. This is the first of its kind and located in Hudson's Bay, Yorkdale Mall. 
Ever had difficulty buying someone a fragrance? It's already tricky enough when it comes to finding your perfect scent, let alone trying to browse the vast ocean of fragrances in the beauty department to gift someone else (eau de toilette or eau de parfum?) This innovative idea brought to us by Coty Canada, makes the whole shopping experience much more pleasant and enjoyable! Not to mention, the team of beauty advisors were so nice and knowledgable when I had questions or wanted recommendations.

Fume Lounge Yorkdale Hudson's Bay The Point
On the table, there are two large interactive touch screens where you can do several things. One - take a quiz to find your perfect scent (I got Gucci Bloom and Miu Miu and they smell heavenly!!!) and two - scan each RFID-tagged non-spray inhaler to learn more about the band, fragrance notes and price. Say goodbye to carrying around little paper testers and getting them all confused and mixed up in your bag! These non-spray inhalers will ensure you never mix up two fragrances again. 
Guests went home with a Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette, Marc Jacobs friendship bracelets, and a Marc Jacobs beauty bag.
The next time you go perfume shopping, I highly recommend checking this Fume Scent Lounge out. The marriage between technology and beauty has never looked so good ;) I had such a fun time and you won't find this anywhere else! 

Thanks for reading xoxo

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