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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Happy Sunday guys! I hope you're all having a super relaxing weekend. Im currently sipping on a coffee and eating leftover lasagna from last night's Christmas party. I LOVE lasagna, there is no better comfort food
I wanted to review a pair of prescription glasses I ordered online from GlassesShop a while back. The process was surprisingly super smooth and hiccup-free. All I did was choose a pair of frames I liked, fill in all my prescription requirements, and it showed up at my door in about 1 week. 
You're probably wondering how to choose glasses when you can't try them on first. GlassesShop will take refunds within 14 days of your order confirmation (S+H not included) and will provide full refunds for any incorrect prescriptions. If you want to be super careful, they recommend you measure your current glasses so that you can compare when shopping. They also recommend you measure your "PD" at home or contact your optometrist for this. I didn't want to go all the way to my optometrist just to get this so I googled how to measure it myself and it was actually really easy to do. I LOVE my new glasses and my prescription came out perfectly although I was skeptical in the beginning. 

I wear these glasses everywhere now and they're actually more comfortable than my Chanel glasses lol I even wore them on my trip to Japan/Korea! 

Thank you for reading!! Chat soon xoxo

*products compensated for review. all opinions are my own

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