Fitness: Body Love (BOLO) Workout Studio (+ FREE FIRST CLASS!)

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Last post of 2017! This past month I've been taking a variety of workout classes at a new gym studio, BOLO Inc (short for Body Love - because the owner is all for creating an environment where you practice self-love and loving your body for what it is!). The pop-up studio is located downtown Toronto and is currently sharing space with Knixwear until their permanent location opens in February 2018, offering a larger space and even more classes than what they offer now. 

Their current space is already SO nice that I was surprised to learn this was just temporary. They've got the main workout area, a lounge area (and coffee!), changerooms and another room with equipment. The owner, Caleigh Rykiss and her team are so friendly and welcoming, encouraging you to hang out in the lounge and chill, or to catch up on emails and work either pre or post workout. This is the place to do it all! Now you have no excuses not to hit the gym ;)
I tried out Caleigh's bootcamp class and HIIT/Boxing class and loved them. Bootcamp was different every time I went, combining TRX/Bosu/Cardio the first time, and Cardio/Boxing the second time. Both classes were INTENSE and gave me the challenge I was looking for. Caleigh was also a fantastic instructor, going around to each student and correcting our form, offering encouragment and kicking our asses (in the good way)!! 

If you're in Toronto or the GTA, I highly recommend you check it out AND I got you guys covered for the first class. From now until January 31 2018, use promo code "ONEFREE" on BOLO when you sign up for any of Caleigh's classes. Do something good for yourself and feel amazing about it. I hope you guys enjoy and kill it!!

Happy new year!! xo

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