Travel: Japan Daiso/Don Quijote Haul

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Here is the first of my travel series blog posts in regards to Japan and Korea! This first one I'll be showing you guys some of the cool things you can find at the Japanese dollar store (Daiso and CanDo) and discount store (Don Quijote or "donki"). If you've grown up in Canada with dollarama and dollar tree, you might wonder why and how anyone could buy much in a dollar store (because ours suck lol) but Japanese dollar stores have some AMAZING finds from yummy snacks to household items to stationary and skincare and even an anti static spray?!. Here are some of the notable things I found this time around!! 

plastic sheet mask with handles to hold your cotton/fabric sheet mask in place (I never knew I needed this until I saw it and FYI it has been life changing), anti static spray, water repellant spray, makeup remover, sheet masks, seasonings for food, corn pottage, limited edition pocky, refreshing eye drop, covers for canker sores, heated pads for back/arm/leg pains and aches, and cooling sheets for sore legs/arms/back lol 
toilet seat fuzzies to keep your butt warm (very crucial for Canadian living LOL), furikake, shampoo, sheet masks, oil blotting sheets, a phone alcohol cleaner, lavender eye warming mask, and corn pottage chips 

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