Gift Guide: Holiday'17/Spring'18

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Long time no chat everyone...I just got back from vacation in Japan/Korea last weekend and am trying to catch up on life. Expect 2-3 long posts next week about my shopping hauls and what I ate in both of those amazing countries! :)

With Christmas nearing, I wanted to share some of the cool things I saw at a holiday 2017/spring 2018 preview this week. Whether it's a gift for a friend or a gift to treat yourself, these are some neat items worth checking out! 
I am obsessed with the look and colour of these few pairs below. The pastels!! Gorgeous for spring 2018!

Calgon Take Me Away Lavender + Honey Bath Fizzies
Who doesn't love a good bath bomb to enhance a bubble bath? Especially with the cold weather these days, its so nice to relax at the end of a long day! These bath fizzies won't leave your skin feeling tight and dry thanks to the honey, and the lavender will help you fall asleep right after!
Yardley London + Yardley Botanicals
 Lily of the Valley Moisturizing Lotion + English Lavender soap 
The scent of these are heavenly! Light floral fragrances are my favourite. The Lily of the Valley is your go-to if you love feminine, floral, fruit pear, and freesia scents. This one is enhanced with a musky base. And of course, who doesn't love a little bit of classic lavender to relax with? :)
Unicorn Gold - cherry + mixed berries
This has to be the coolest thing I've seen yet lol for lack of better wording, this is a poop spray!! Spray it in the toilet bowl before you do your business, and the essential oils will mask all that odor so you can poop in peace (and anonymity). You're welcome ;)
Lip Smacker Lip Balm - candy apple flavour
I used to love my lip smacker lip balms as a kid and this holiday edition packaging is making me love them even more!! How CUUUTE are these?! Such great stocking stuffers. The flavour I chose is candy apple but there's a ton to choose from including starburst and skittle flavour. They even have the Tsum Tsum limited edition ones - act fast before they're all gone!
Pure Oatmeal - apple berry jazz / granny's apple pie
These oatmeals are so convenient for on-the-go folks - just add hot water and its ready to eat! It is nut free, dairy free, wheat free and free of the top 10 allergens.
The Great Scrape Ultimate BBQ Cleaning Tool
I'm so glad I saw this at the preview. This was an answer to a dilemma I had in the summer and that's "what can I use to scrape my BBQ instead of this wire brush?" As you guys probably are aware, the wire bristles on wire brushes can come off and cling to food on the grill without much notice, getting stuck in people's throats!! This is a much better natural alternative
Wear Elise Silk Pajamas
I believe what you wear to bed is also as important as what you wear going out. I like to put care and thought into my pajama collection because it's a part of your home and what you sleep in every night! I got to chat with the sweet owner of Wear Elise PJs (who is also an amazing blogger!) and I fell in love with her silk pajama collection! Wear these to bed and even on a night out - the silk pajama-worn-daytime trend is HUGE right now. Take advantage!

Thanks for reading my holiday guide. I hope you guys are able to find something fun to share with someone else! :) Cheers

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