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Friday, October 13, 2017

Alright guys - today I wanted to do a post on something a little different than my usual outfits and skincare. Lately I've taken a bigger interest in my health via watching the food I eat and exercising more regularly (I also extended this into my work life by getting a stand up desk and I LOVE it!!) 

I came across a little something called Wheatgrass when I first watched a youtuber talk about it in her vlog. Wheatgrass is PACKED with nutrients, vitamins, live cholorphyll and amino acids. It aids with digestion, building protein, and keeping the body disease-free. So this youtuber I watched, got hers from Booster Juice but I wanted to find something closer to the source and more budget-friendly, long-term. I did a lot of research and happened to find a wheatgrass farm 20 minutes from where I live!! How lucky is that?! :)

source: DynamicGreens
Before finding the farm though,I found wheatgrass powder and wheatgrass powder in pills, at the grocery store. What's the difference between all of them and why does it matter which way you consume it? Its a lot of information to take in and some people have different opinions, but when I came across the local farm's super informative website, I knew I was choosing the right route with flash frozen juice. Not to mention, this is the FARMER himself!!! How much closer to the source can you get?! 

I ventured up north one weekend to check it out, and I have to say, he was such a sweet old man!! Tom and his wife, Janice were so welcoming and excited to talk about wheatgrass, and they even invited me in to their home for a tasting! lol I also got to check out the wheatgrass farm behind their house and it was so clean and fresh. I felt good knowing that what I was about to purchase and consume, was growing in the best possible living conditions. I asked Tom what his thoughts were on the Booster Juice wheatgrass and why they tell you not to inhale it and he says its because they grow theirs indoors - it just doesn't get the same kind of sun and air, and there's mold with indoor grown wheatgrass. Yikes!

Guys I'll be honest - as nutrient/vitamin/antioxidant dense as it is, this stuff does NOT taste good lol think of the scent of a freshly cut lawn. That's what it tastes like. But honestly,the taste lasts only a minute, but you'll be reaping the benefits for years to come! Tom recommended I dilute it with water and sip/drink it, whereas my mom likes to chew on the frozen wheatgrass while its melting, like a freezie. I think another option may be to throw it in a smoothie and blend if you want to avoid the taste. But just be aware that its recommended to drink within 10 minutes before oxidation degrades it.
Long story short - here's their website, Dynamic Greens if you want to check it out and get more information. This became so much more than me purchasing juice - the whole experience getting to chat with Tom and Janice made me feel very good. I can't wait to visit them again. 

For comparison purposes, I bought 100 oz for $160 - that's $1.60/oz. Booster Juice's wheatgrass is just over $3/oz. It is ideal to take 5-8oz a day but as that is a pretty pricey way to be living, 1oz is good enough. Each of the cubes in the below are 0.5oz so I cut out 2 at a time and dilute with water.
I also really appreciated the very thoughtful packaging - kept my wheatgrass frozen for the hour that I was out (and it was a hot day). Included lots of ice packs neatly secured around the wheatgrass.

Ta-da! The thing I like about this is that there's no prep needed. I cant make excuses saying I don't have time to do it because it only takes me a few seconds to cut it out of the plastic bag and thaw it!
Let me know if you guys end up trying this and what your thoughts are :) 


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