First Impressions: Korean Beauty Haul pt 1

Friday, August 04, 2017

Last month, I attended a Toronto beauty meet up hosted by two lovely ladies that brought together a group of bloggers and insta-bloggers who share a love for Korean beauty. They were kind enough to send us all home with HUGEEE swag bags so I thought this would be a good time to test some new things out and show you all! Alot of these brands are new to me so writing this first impressions review has been pretty exciting :) There's so much stuff that I haven't tested out yet so I'm splitting this up into two posts. 

Bella Aura Essential Energy Boosting Kit
First glance, this kit is super cute right?? The bottom of this kit says its 100% natural (lots of 'good' oils, minerals and plant-based extracts) and no toxins. I like that this kit covers your entire beauty routine from daytime cleansing to evening wind down. I tried each item in here and I love how they all have this earthy smell. The cleanser left my skin feeling clean but not tight, and the night cellular renewal kept my skin feeling moisturized and nourished overnight. The daily moisturizer was too thick for me though because I have oily skin so it felt too heavy throughout the day. One thing I wasn't super happy with in the purifying cleanser ingredients was the presence of "cocamidopropyl betaine" which classifies as 'moderate' overall hazard and advises to restrict usage in cosmetics. It was the second highest ingredient in there too which made me want to comment on it. Not to say I'm an expert or that it's easy to keep your skincare routine 100% clean but I still do try to cut out the bad guys when I spot them. Aside from that though, I enjoyed everything else and appreciate that they all have some really great ingredients in them aside from the one or two not-so-great ingredients 
Erborian Solid Cleansing Oil
Cleansing oils are really having a moment right now! I want to do a separate blog post on oils and cleansing oils because they're so interesting and unique! This is my first SOLID cleansing oil - I initially thought this was going to be hard as rock and difficult to apply to my face but it was actually very soft and melted ASAP like butter on a hot pan! It was very easy to move around on my face and I didn't have to tug or pull my skin ever. It even got off my mascara instantaneously! There is a light scent to this oil too which I quite like. 
29 ST Honore 
The scent of this soap is really strong (I think I'd describe it as musky?) and the packaging as well as soap itself is gorgeous in detailing. I can't tell if I dislike or like the scent to be honest. Definitely moisturizing but I dont know about the scent 

Nature Republic 92% Aloe Vera 
This product I see way too much in stores and on Instagram and one I don't care for really lol. I have a few other aloe veras (97% from SNP, 99% from Holika Holika) which I'm sure most of you have as well. We all know aloe vera gels - they're great. If youve tried any other aloe vera, this is pretty much just like all of them.

Adaline Truffle + Caviar Sheet Masks
Okay so most sheet masks to me are GENERALLY the same right? They're drenched in serum, are full of hylauronic acid and moisturize/brighten/whiten/firm/whatever you choose your face. I expected this to be like most of the ones I've tried but this one was like REALLY REALLY moisturizing and drenched in serum. The cotton was really thick and came in a two-piece set which I prefer much more over 1-piece sheet masks bc they never fit properly. So yup, really liked this one!! 

Mediheal Tea Tree Care Solution Sheet Mask
So as I mentioned above, most sheet masks are generally the same to me...the thing I liked about this one is that it fit perfectly which is rare (the American/Japanese sheet masks I've tried are significantly larger and don't fit my face properly which gets really uncomfortable). Tea tree also makes my skin happy because I am acne-prone so I enjoyed this for the fact that its moisturizing but not heavy or greasy.

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