Beauty: Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask

Monday, August 21, 2017

*product was compensated for review purposes. all opinions are my own.

As an acne-sufferer for yearssss (teenage to mid 20's now!), I'm always eager to find the latest and greatest in acne-fighting products. To be honest, most of the stuff I've tried probably didn't work that well and are usually just hype but I did find a handful of gems over the years that I fully trust and stand by. Neutrogena has always been one of favourite drugstore brands for acne fighting and skincare in general so I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to test out their new light therapy acne mask. At first glance, it looks like something out of a scary movie! Freddy vs. Jason sequel maybe? Or Daft Punk's newest member? (Thanks to my boyfriend for the latter reference)

 You might be wondering how this mask works now. What can light do for acne? Therapeutic blue and red lights inside the mask target the bacteria P.acnes that causes acne! Blue light targets acne-causing bacteria while red light reduces acne inflammation. This convenient at-home device was inspired by dermatologist treatments but without the high price tag (the mask retails at about $45 CAD). Check out my quick facts below: 
  • Wash all makeup and skincare products off before using the mask. 
  • Free of chemicals and UV light - 12 blue LED lights, 9 red LED lights 
  • Ideal for mild-moderate acne (not those with severe acne) 
  • No setup required! Mask comes with one remote to plug in and it was ready for its first use!
  • 30 uses before disposing and buying a new one (there is a counter on the activator so you'll always know how many uses you have left). Activators retail for $20 CAD
  • Don't throw the mask out! Just buy a new activator when you're finished the 30 uses. Plug it in and enjoy again :)
  • Mask lights up for 10 minutes and automatically shuts off after. Watch TV, fold clothes or read while you have the mask on. You can see everything perfectly through the glasses!
  • Does not burn, hurt, or cause any discomfort. No redness after either. Mask is pretty comfy overall. There are built-in amber-coloured sunglasses on the inside (amber to minimize glare)
  • Safe to use once a day
  • Decorate and customize your mask!! Look at these cuteee emoji stickers and patterns!! Hehe
Im hoping to see a difference eventually but I know patience is key in this ongoing battle with acne! I'll update you guys later on after I've used this a bit longer :) 
7th Day Update: I've noticed that although it doesn't make my pimples less frequent, it makes their duration much shorter which is amazing! They also seem to be much smaller than normal and my skin is overall less bumpy. Im going to update again after the 30 days is finished :)

Thanks for reading!! Chat soon xo

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