Beauty: MD Codes Q&A With Dermatologist Dr. Channy Muhn (+ GIVEAWAY)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

I dont think Ive ever shared on my blog anything to do with cosmetic procedures but over a year ago I had lip fillers done for the first time. I had a full syringe of juvederm which lasts anywhere from 6 months-1 year, which means they have definitely completely left my lips by now but I AM planning to do them again in the near future. 
In the meantime, I wanted to share with you guys this system that I've been introduced to, as it would be beneficial to those looking to have cosmetic procedures done. This system, called "MD Codes" was created by Dr. Mauricio De Maio and aims to guide surgeon and patient and to standardize the language in which we communicate our cosmetic procedure goals. They do this by helping cosmetic physicians recognize how areas of the face are directly linked to certain emotional attributes, and this identifies the right treatment points and techniques that will deliver effective and natural-looking results by focusing on how people want to feel post-treatment - i,e. younger, slimmer, less tired, etc. The MD Codes have different treatment plans that target certain points on the face in order to either lift the face or to reshape the jaw.

I interviewed Dr. Channy Muhn of Dermetics and this is what he had to say. Enjoy!
In a few short sentences, can you briefly explain what MD Code is and how it works?
The MD Codes provide a new language – a holistic approach designed to look at the face as a whole, and which allows treatments to be personalized to a patient’s needs and emotional desires.  The Codes help patients focus on how they want to feel from treatment versus fixating on specific lines and folds. As an example, a patient may express wanting to look less tired, or less angry or sad.  Using our expertise, we interpret how those negative emotions are being played out on their face and develop a treatment plan that addresses not only facial anatomy, but also facial expressions and emotions.
What got you interested in utilizing MD Code in your practice?
As dermatologists we regularly collaborate with other experts around the world to share our knowledge and experience.  The MD Codes is one of the most recent examples of these collaborations.
How will this new system benefit the patient? Will it be easy to pick up or hard to learn?
The system is another tool to help us understand patient goals and expectations better, which can in turn lead to higher patient satisfaction.  The concepts are not difficult to learn, but they are not a substitute for experience and expertise. Outcomes will always be relative to the skill and experience of the injector and patients should continue to choose their treatment providers carefully.  We believe that cosmetic physicians need to be more than just injectors. They need to be experts.
Overall how has this system changed your practice so far? Do you notice any changes (good/bad)?
It’s definitely given us a new approach to our discussions with patients and helped us to understand their goals and concerns from a different perspective.  Overall, we see patients responding positively.  The love the look AND feel of their results.
Because these are only general guidelines, if a patient insists on targeting specific lines on their face instead of focusing on how they want to feel, can they still request for those lines to be removed?
Absolutely.  If a patient is concerned with specific lines, we can focus on treatments that offer improvement in that area.  What’s often surprising to patients is how interconnected the various regions of the face are.  For example, a patient who is concerned with folds between her nose and mouth may actually need more volume in her lateral cheeks. Not only does this soften the lines she is concerned about, it adds lift and creates balance in her face.  
Are there additional costs or changes to the costs for procedures with this new system?
No – prices have not changed, but patients are receiving more value with this new approach

Thank you so much for your time Dr. Channy Muhn and for helping to explain this process to us! For more information you can visit

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