Outfit: Uniqlo Heattech + Short Fur Coats

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Aside from buying beauty products in Japan, I obviously also did some shopping for clothes!! My friends and I spent HOURS inside GU and the 12 storey Uniqlo in Ginza which conveniently sit right next to each other. Although we have Uniqlo in Canada, it is a bit cheaper in Japan and there is a tax refund when you spend a certain amount (I think it was $50-60CAD). One of my favourite purchases was these Uniqlo Heattech Extra Warm Leggings. Ive been wearing them all winter, pretty much every day. The quality and stretch is perfect and it has retained its shape and stretch even after I've washed it several times. I paired it with versace shades, a short fur coat, laptop case-turned-clutch, and some Nine West booties.

Thanks for reading xo 

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