Influenster x Bite Beauty Lip Pencil

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

One of my favourite lipstick brands is Bite Beauty and I luckily had the chance to test out their first ever lip pencils c/o of Influenster so thank you guys! In each box, there are two different shades of lipsticks, two lip pencils, and a Sephora Collection eco biodegradable sharpener. This new line will carry 22 neutral shades inspired by natural lip tones. 

What makes these lipsticks and pencils different is their creamy coverage. 

The colours I'm swatching today are as follows:


  • honeycomb (beige brown)
  • whiskey (deep brown)

  • 020 (beige brown)
  • 044 (deep brown)

I did find them to be more creamy than most lip pencils, which I appreciate, because there's nothing worse than a dry lip pencil that doesn't apply smoothly! Even with a creamy lipstick, a dry pencil can ruin the entire look and make your lips feel or look chapped. Lip pencils and lipsticks are especially tricky to work with when its a lighter colour because every little thing tends to show, so I definitely am enjoying these pencils more than most of the ones I've come across. They also don't break easily which is a huge bonus. 

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