Dermablend Canadian Launch

Saturday, October 01, 2016

This week has flown by sooo fast. Its been so busy with events and Im 100% getting a foot massage at some point this weekend because heels everyday is KILLER. People always ask me "how do you do it?" but pretty sure any girl who wears heels alot will tell you you JUST DO! You get used to the pain but it is never 'easy' or pain-free 

So im trying to catch up with writing on all the events that I went to this week and I'll start with Dermablend even though this is a bit out of chronological order. 
Dermablend is the expert brand in camouflaging skin imperfections since 1981, including birthmarks, scars, hyperpigmentation and burns. I still have one really stubborn acne scar that wont go away so this is the perfect foundation to finally mask it!
Their range of products include makeup removers, concealer sticks, setting powders, powder foundation and liquid foundations.
Their cover creme foundations provide coverage for up to 16 hours when worn with Setting Powder. I tested some out and although it provided great coverage and glided on with a velvety feeling, it didnt feel cakey vhich is good because I have oily skin. They come in 20 different shades so you'll be sure to match with one of them! I also learned from the make up artist who was colour matching my skintone, that they are non-comedogenic so they wont clog your pores or break you out. 
I gave the Dermablend foundation and setting powder a run last night when I went to another party and although my face will always be oily no matter what, it was definitely NOT as visible or heavy/slick feeling as it normally is. I love that is has SPF 25 too so it can give me good protection in the daytime and isnt greasy or heavy like alot of SPF foundations. The foundation also never felt heavy on my skin nor did it ever smudge or smear off even after all the dancing we did! I think I just found my new favourite foundation and powder! I find this powder comparable to, or even slightly better than my Bare Minerals one (although I still love that one!).

The quick fix body stick (available in 10 shades) is also a godsend for anyone whose ever wanted to temporarily cover up their tattoos at formal functions or for work. I didnt get a chance to test this out at the event on my tattoo unfortunately so I cant vouch for its ability but I'm soo curious and interested that I'll have to pick it up when it hits stores and review it then.

Dermablend will be available in Shoppers Drug Mart October 8th 

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