Review: Caprina Goat Milk Soaps

Friday, May 20, 2016

Ever since I started dealing with hormonal acne about a year ago, I've cut down on using a lot of brands that I found out had way too many chemicals or bad ingredients in it. While most people think of changing up their face wash and acne creams first, you can't forget to also consider what soaps and body lotions you're feeding your skin. 

I was given the opportunity to try Canus Caprina's Goat Milk products and jumped at the chance. These products above contain fresh goat milk, from the local pooling of dairy farmers. Caprina soap does not compromise your own skin’s natural protective barrier, and will never dry your skin. It is also non-comedogenic and not tested on animals. Here are my thoughts on the products:

- Packaging is adorable and the products are inexpensive (Canus has redesigned the products' inner cases and has opted for thinner carton boxes which reduced carton corrugation by 8% by the end of 2014)
All their products have always been phosphate-free
- Scent is light and easy on the nose. All of them smell so fresh and nice. Of the three, my favourites are the soap and body wash.
- Soap is gentle enough for sensitive skin and doesn't dry it out. I even used it on my face as I read in many raving reviews, and it felt great! And we've all grown up hearing how soap is bad for your face but this is a definite game changer.

- I do wish the body lotion was a bit more thick however as it is not as moisturizing as I'd like (I have really dry skin so if you have 'normal-oily', this would be perfect for you!).

Have you guys tried Canus products before? What'd you think?

*products were compensated for review, all opinions are my own

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