Review: Lisap Easy Build Reconstruction System

Monday, February 01, 2016

Happy Monday loves! I've been testing out these haircare products c/o of Lisap for the last week or so and wanted to share some of my thoughts. The Lisap Easy Build Reconstruction System includes four products: a Chelating Shampoo, Polymeric Reconstructor, Moisturizing Microemulsion and Revitalizing Spray. 

Step 1:
The Chelating Shampoo is meant to not only clean your hair but strengthen it too. It claims to extract the mineral deposits that build up in your strands. This shampoo contains active ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins and keratin.
Step 2:
The Polymeric Reconstructor will strengthen your hair with the help of creatine, wheat amino acids and soya proteins and supply it with intense glossiness. 
Step 3:
The Moisturizing Emulsion is formulated with red and black marine algae for deep penetration while supplying hair with volume all without weighing it down (which deep conditioning products tend to do).
Step 4:
The Revitalizing Spray is a leave-in mist to keep your ends strong and prevent them from splitting. It also acts as a heat protector. 

I am not the biggest fan of the scent of these products to be honest, but some may like it. But I did find that it help to keep my coloured hair less damaged, more soft, and less static-y which is REALLY important to me in the winter when my hair gets super dry and shocks everything! 

Have you guys tried Lisap out before? What were your thoughts? :) 

Cheers xo

*products were compensated, review is 100% my own opinion.

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