Review: Perla Coco Oil Pulling

Monday, September 21, 2015

Good Monday morning guys! Last week I started "oil pulling" thanks to the team at PerlaCoco who provided this mint + coconut oil to do so. If you haven't heard of it yet, it is a practice in which you swirl a tablespoon of oil around in your mouth for about 5-15 minutes in the morning and then spit out. We all know our mouths house millions of bacteria and toxins so the oil is supposed to act like a cleanser. The health benefits it claims to have are:

- brightens and whitens teeth
- kills bad breath
- promotes healthier gums
- cleans your mouth, pulling out the bacteria in it. 
- strengthens gums and jaw
PerlaCoco's coconut oil is also vegan friendly, organic and fairly traded. Thumbs up!!
Personally, I think I drink too much tea/coffee to notice any whitening so don't quote me on that claim. I'm also not a fan of the feeling of oil in my mouth. It's slimy and gooey and the coconut oil solidified a bit (at around 24 celsius) so it was kind of uncomfy when it chunked up in my mouth. This is just how coconut oil is and if you're cool with coconut-mint taste, then you won't mind it. But so far, I DO notice the mint does help to freshen up my mouth and kill any bad/stale breath (or that kind of dry/bland taste your mouth gets when you've been out all day or talking all day). 

Thank you for reading xo
*products were compensated. All reviews are my own opinions

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