Influenster GoVoxBox Review

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hope you're all having a good weekend! I just got back from Vegas a few nights ago and haven't had time to catch up on life yet - namely, my luggage is still unpacked and I'm sleepy 24/7!
I recently received my third Influenster voxbox to review which was super exciting! This box was centered around fitness and health and included a range of items from healthy snacks to meal replacement powders to bath salts. Some of the products I haven't tried yet but some of them I have, so I'll definitely review some of the ones I've tried so far to let you know how its going:

PROFOOT Orthotics
PROFOOT Pedi-rock
- Claims to remove calluses and rough/dry skin on the feet. 
- I love that it's a soft cushion rock but still rough enough to remove dead skin. So far it's been working just "okay" but I haven't seen the best results yet.  Going to continue using this to see if it'll work more effectively.
Playtex Sport tampons
- These are new tampons from Playtex that claim to have the Fresh Balance Odor Shield technology, designed to neutralize odors for ultimate freshness on and off the field while combined with the 360 design for Sport Level Protection.
- I find these to be very comfy and long-lasting. They're also really soft and easy to use!
Blue Diamond Fruit Flavoured Almonds
- I love blueberries but I never thought blueberry flavored almonds would taste good but they surprisingly compliment each other. The flavor is subtle enough and I definitely would want to try out the strawberry and raspberry flavors next. 
Aqua Spa Relaxation Bath Soak
Vitamin Shoppe Meal Replacement Powders

Have you guys received any of Influenster's Voxboxes? Or have any of you tried any of these products? Lemme know! Talk soon xo 

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  1. Oooh, I have only received one VoxBox so far, but I would have loved to have gotten this one to try out! I'm definitely into health/fitness/wellness type products.


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