Holika Holika beauty review

Friday, April 12, 2013

**UPDATE* So I did so more hunting through beauty stores and did actually see these two products at the Holika Holika store at pacific mall BUT they're way overpriced (they sell for $25-30 in North America and on eBay.ca) so if you can find it online or know anyone going to Asia who would be nice enough to grab it for you, I'd recommend that route instead!* 

Hey everyone! My dad just came back from Asia and brought back two beauty products from Korean beauty brand Holika Holika for me - (yay!) I've been using them for a few days now and was really impressed with both of them so I figured I'd write up a review! I'm still testing out some other products I got from ChickAdvisor a month ago, so those reviews will be posted up by next week most likely. 

Anyways so I got the "Miracle Real Skin Finish Premium" and the "Face 2 Change Cream Starter". The Miracle Real Skin Finish is meant to be an all-round, multipurpose moisturizer that provides "sun blocking, anti-wrinkle and whitening function that treats your skin tone and makes your naked skin look bright". So in a sense, it functions the way a BB cream does. I've tried one of Innisfree's (another Korean makeup brand) BB creams before and I absolutely hated it - super dry and didnt match my skin tone. I've overall never been much of a fan of BB creams but I really liked the way this cream made my skin look! It gave my skin a more even colour throughout and was very blendable with makeup. Aside from the fact that after a day at work, it felt a little heavy/thick (needed to pull out an oil wipe here!), I really liked this moisturizer! It also smells really nice :) (both of them do, actually). 

The Face 2 Change Cream Starter acts as sort of a primer. It's much lighter and very blendable with makeup. Ingredients include: marine collagen and vegetable collagen gel, deep sea water, flower acids, seaweed extract and argan oil. My makeup including foundation, concealer and powder went on really nicely with this primer; it wasn't drying or too oily (as mentioned before, I have combo skin so I have to deal with both dry and oily skin!!)

What the tube looks like inside of the box
Top cream is the Face 2 Change Cream Starter (as you can tell it's alot lighter), and the bottom cream is the Miracle Real Skin Finish Premium. Once rubbed into the skin, the colour warms up and adapts more to your skin tone so don't worry if you're a little tanned (Im not pale either).

Anyways hope this review helps some of you! Thanks for reading :)

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  1. so sad we can't get cool products like this in the UK!



  2. great review <3

  3. That sounds like something I would want. The packaging is pretty - loving the purple.

  4. Found your blog through Bright Side Beauty Blog hop! your vacation pics are awesome!


  5. Oh don't you love korean products :D Great review girl!! <3

  6. Thanks ladies :) !

    @Carrie: It's definitely worth checking them out online maybe through Amazon or something to have them delivered to you!

  7. Cool blog! My friend follows your blog. Please check out and follow:

  8. Great review, I really like the look of the miracle skin finish :) I have quite only skin though so not sure if it would be light enough xo




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