DIY Flower Crown

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hi guys! I've been really into doing alot of small DIY projects as of lately and one of the really fun ones was making this flower crown! I always wanted to make one though I may never actually wear it in public unless I'm at a rave or a music festival lol For inspiration I went to Michael's to find flowers and colours that I liked, cut off the stems once I bought them, and hot glue gunned them to the outside of a stretchy headband. Other ways you can find inspiration is to check out some Etsy floral crowns and youtube! Or, if you have other floral pieces lying around at home from fake flower displays or old hair clips, you can integrate those in too! The lighter purple flower on the right-hand side of my crown in this picture was actually an old hair clip I had - I ripped off the clip in the back, added a pink flower from the Michael's bouquet to make the light purple one blend in better, and just glue gunned both in, layered over one another. It was super easy and super fun to do!


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  1. That us adorable!! Absolutely love it!!
    You have such a cute blog dear!! Following :)

  2. So pretty! :D

    xx MJ

  3. so so pretty! obsessed with the color palate here! just stumbled across your site via the link up and am so happy i did! i have played with the DIY floral crown myself and loved the turn out of yours! xo

  4. Want to do DIY of that trendy piece too! :))

  5. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out at:
    HG :p

  6. I love all these colours. It's so eye catching. So stunning.

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