Honduras, Belize, Mexico {Cruise}

Friday, March 22, 2013

Hi guys! Here's a few of the photos from the cruise to Honduras, Belize and Cozumel over spring break. We took the Crown Princess and it was so nice having unlimited amounts of food and dessert on the cruise ^_^ I know I'm going to be wishing I didn't eat so much, next week when I'm at the gym though, haha. Anyways, a quick recap of my trip - in Honduras, we ended up parting away from the tourist areas and took a cab into the city/local beach. We got to try more authentic Honduran food and experience a little more of the culture and the people at the local beach which was nice. It's just a shame the weather wasn't a little more cooperative! The next day in Belize, we bought an excursion to go cave tubing and ziplining followed by a lunch. The cave tubing was a new and exciting experiece for me but I wished our tubes went faster in the cave because we were sort of crawling through it (im not sure why I imagined something fast pace like white water rafting but in a cave and on a tube, but i did lol). The ziplining was fun too! Better than the last one I went on, but some of the lines were a little slow still. Nonetheless I still had a really fun time! Finally in Cozumel, my bf and I took our second excursion with dolphins!! I've always wanted to swim with dolphins because they're so friendly and cute and my expectations were 110% met. The weather was amazing our last 2 days of the cruise just to end it off right and I can't wait for the next! 

Balcony view from our room =)
Strawberry mojito on the deck
DESSERTS!! My favourite meal time
Honduran seafood lunch, so good!
i think we look quite snazzy here 
one of our nightly cruise dinners
Lazing on our balcony
gahh my heart melted :')
Last sunrise before docking the next day; until next time!

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Thanks for reading! xo

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  1. Hey! I came across your blog through the blog hop from Fun Size Beauty blog. I am following you now! I hope you'll come take a look at my blog and follow if you like.

    Gosh this post should be submitted on a tourism website. Amazing photos! I don't think words can justify.


    1. Haha! Tourism site lol I wish! That's very sweet of you to say :) thanks for stopping by Meesha! xo

  2. Those pictures are so pretty! My favourite is the one with the hut beside the turquoise sea.

    Check out my blog at thedramatispersona.blogpot.com!

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  4. Just came across your blog through the Beauty blog hop! Such amazing photos, really looks like a wonderful time. I'm definitely a new follower :)


  5. I found you through the blog hop and I'm glad I did, you seem like my kinda girl - lots of photos of food!! xx

    following you :)

    1. Thanks hun! Haha who can say no to food?? I don't believe in diets ;)

  6. Your cruise looks amazing! I went to Belize years ago and it was one of the best trips I've ever taken. When you get a chance please include a link back to me or Sharon so that we can spread the word about the link up! Thanks for linking up!
    Penniless Socialite
    March Group Giveaway!

  7. oh wow, what wonderful photos. I'm going to work in Greece AGAIN this summer, but greece is nothing like what you have here :) Very beautiful, I guess it was a trip worth of everything :)
    Anyway, you've got a new follower :)
    Check out my blog, I hope you like it and you start following also :)
    Bye for now! :P

    1. Thanks! And no way! Greece would be amazing, I'm so jealous! Europe is next on my target list of places to see. Have a fab time and definitely looking forward to reading your blog on that this summer ;) thanks for stopping by! xo

  8. Amazing shots!


  9. It looks like you had so much fun on your trip! The photographs of the food you had definitely makes us hungry :/

    anywho, we found you over on the bloghop and we followed you back!

    would love if you checked out our blog too!


    Samantha & Ashley

  10. YOU AND YOUR BF ARE SO PRESH! I know where I want to go for my next vaca. (;

    happy birthday!

  11. Wow, amazing place and the pictures are gorgeous. Hope you had fun.



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