saturday café hops

Monday, June 11, 2012

Instead of the conventional Second Cups and Starbucks...we decided on more "quiet" cafes that resembled that of the diamond in the rough - hard to find, yet when are found, make it worth the hunt. First stop, Cafe Pamenar.

Chill study place, nice patio, quiet, yummy paninis (pictured above is the pesto, tomato, olive, queso fresco, artichoke, spinach panini) and tons of ice coffee 

Peptol bismol anyone? Lol. 
Our mixed berry smoothies - trying to be *health(ier)
 I had to buy these LOL i'm almost positive my friends are cringing as they see this (as if the first pair of hello kitty glasses wasn't enough) but, no mean comments ok ;)  

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