normal gets you nowhere.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Over the weekend I finished Kelly Cutrone's second book, "Normal Gets You Nowhere". I haven't read her first one yet but plan on reading it once I'm done with this week's overwhelming number of essays and presentations calling my name. I've heard her first book is better though, so hopefully it lives up to the positive reviews once I get my hands on it! Its successor, Normal Gets You Nowhere, surprisingly does not really touch base on as much insider fashion PR industry facts and stories as I thought it would. In fact, most of it is on her personal life including her father, her daughter, her religious beliefs and sex (even sometimes all at once in the same paragraph which is a bite of irony). It almost seems Cutrone was ambivalent about the synopsis of her novel to be honest. 

Nonetheless, this is one of my favourite quotes from her book that got me thinking:
"When you really start to look at our modern holidays, you'll see they have almost nothing to do with history, religion or tradition and everything to do with capitalism - which wants to keep us acting "normal", or distracted from what's real and numbly consuming as much stuff as possible...[t]hese holidays have become huge booms to retail; stores stay open to capitalize on the fact that the government has given us all a mandatory day off when we're free to shop!
Let's be honest. Presidents' Day? Is there one American who actually spends this day celebrating our presidents? Why should I be forced to take a day off on Columbus Day instead of on my own guru's birthday? I'd probably also take a yearly holiday to Amsterdam with a few girlfriends to celebrate our friendship and our love for each other. Doesn't this all make much more sense? What matters to you and what you would celebrate?" 

So true and makes you re-think your values, the holidays you celebrate and the money you spend. This may seem paradoxical for Cutrone to be arguing since her career is based OFF of people spending $ on clothes, fashion shows and so forth but regardless of who states it, this excerpt speaks of nothing but the sad reality of materialism and its lingering presence in 21st century American youth culture. I think we all kind of know this already but don't do anything about it. Just an interesting piece of *food for thought*

Another one of my favourite parts, that i think girls tend to forget, is this:
"We shouldn't call someone our partner or even our boyfriend if they're really just our lover. Sometimes in life, you'll have a lover who is not meant to be a partner. And sometimes it's okay to just enjoy having a lover for a few years. We need to figure out the reasons we want a relationship first" 

The next 2 books I'm tackling are: her first book "If You Have to Cry, Go Outside" and Jen Lancaster's fiction novel "Bitter is the New Black". Will be back w/ more updates on those after I'm done 8)

Happy Readings x

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