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Sunday, March 25, 2012

My 22nd birthday spent with amazing friends and the ones that know how to party best ;) unfortunately I didn't get to take pictures with about half my friends :( either way I hope everyone had a fabulous night. I know my best girl/guy friends definitely did because of all the stories I heard the next day about each and every one of them lol. If I go down, my besties gotta all go down with me!! puhahaha

Ps. thank you Anton and Jd for being my papparazi aka great photographers!

 my macaron tower - thanks girls
 first picture of the night! while we all can still stand
 thanks for the multiple shots and the balloons - had loads of "laughs" ;) LOL
 Derrick: why so serious? LOL. everyone throw your hands in the ayeeerrrrr
the two best. too much love. 15+ years and counting. it doesn't get better than this :')

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