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March 15, 2012

Adrienne Landau RTW Fall '12

Recently discovered designer, Adrienne Landau, whose clothes/designs I'm really loving. Almost every piece (or every piece?) is embedded with either fur trim or simply entirely fur. Her RTW Fall 2012 collection (@NYFW) looks amazingly warm!! Although there are two or three pieces that stand out in contrasting colour, I wish there was a wider variety of colours experiemented with. Looking at the collection as a whole, you can tell the leading contenders are blacks, browns/neutrals and whites (still gorgeous though). The only downfall is her collection is not so easily accessible in Canada - it doesn't help that I've been searching for a black fur vest since last winter and I've seen a few in her collection yet they're nowhere to be found in Canadian stores :(

Anyways, here's a compilation of some of my favourite looks from her collection this year -