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October 28, 2014

Travel Diaries: NYC 2014

Super late post on my trip to NYC last weekend! Sorry guys, been extremely busy with midterms and life. Anyways, so New York was as amazing as ever. I love love LOVE the city and the business and craziness! 
I try to check out different places every time I go because there is so much to offer there even though there are some places I regret not revisiting from my NY trip last year. I don't know if I wrote a post last year about my trip but here are some recommendations at the top of my head. I'm not crazy about the big tourist areas so I didn't want to add them to the list since I've seen most of them and everyone knows about them:

- Ai Fiori (Michelin Star restaurant)
- A broadway show is a must
- Isola @ The Mondrian
- Laduree
- Frankies Spuntino
- The Picnic Basket 
- New York Public Library
- 230 Fifth
- Maze (Gordon Ramsay's resto)
- The Press Lounge

The Press Lounge. Beautiful view!

October 27, 2014

Toronto Fashion Week + "Fashion Saturday"

Hello again! This past weekend I attended Fashion Saturday presented by BMO at the World Mastercard Fashion Week (aka. Toronto Fashion Week) and had tons of fun! My girl friend and I won some pretty awesome things, got some free beauty samples and enjoyed the two shows that rounded together snippets of most of the designers' collections over the week. They debuted their Spring/Summer 2015 collections and most of the items were pieces I can actually see people wearing on the street and are actually do-able off the runway (sometimes fashion can be super over the top and ridiculous, as you may have seen!)

Some of my favourite looks from the cumulative show can be seen below. Most of them are from Stephan Caras and I also liked a few from Elan + Castor. Narces also had a beautiful collection (picture #5)!! All feminine dresses with complimenting silhouettes for the female body. Matthew Gallagher's pieces are also worth mentioning as well. There is so much Canadian talent oozing out of these shows, I was stunned!! Go Canada woooo!

October 17, 2014

October outfit: Yellow + Gold hues

Happy Friday! Today I'm off to NYC with my gal palss and I'm so excited! The last time I've been was a year ago around summer time but this time I'm hoping to experience autumn in NYC and the changing colours of the leaves in Central Park. I think it's still too warm there right now but anyways I'll have another update/post on what we did and where we ate when I come back! I'm very OCD and a total control freak (heh heh) when I travel so hopefully all our plans and timing works out and we get to see everything we've planned!

It's finally gotten cooler in Toronto (in my last outfit post it was still about 25-30 degrees) so I've started pulling out the sweaters and light jackets. I'm not sure why but I unintentionally matched my outfit really well with this brick wall. I always feel that gold and green tones look gorgeous together and it always reminds me of fall (probably because of the leaves being all shades of yellow, orange and green). 

October 09, 2014

Beauty Giveaway 2014: Amie Skincare

Happy Friday guys!! And cheers to a long weekend (if you're in Canada) thanks to Thanksgiving! I'm so excited to eat this weekend! I have a few dinners lined up, all consisting of traditional turkey, stuffing, potatoes and cranberry sauce *droool* 

I also figured another exciting way to start this Friday would be to open up my new GIVEAWAY! If you read my previous post, I raved about a few Amie Skincare products I received to test and review. Amie Skincare is a UK brand that arrived in Canada on September 15 at Shoppers Drug Marts around the country. This time around, they were kind enough to team up with me for this giveaway for YOU to test something out! 

September 29, 2014

Outfit: Relaxed Romper

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! It's been a gorgeous and hot week in Toronto so for now its too early to be jumping in any big sweaters or infinity scarves yet, which is fine with me since we'll be spending the next 7-8 months from here on in cold weather anyways! Instead I'm spending this time still gradually adding some final pieces to my autumn wardrobe that I can't wait to show you guys and style in my blog later!